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Eminent Technology has been established since 1982 and now has a history spanning about 40 years in creating innovative products in the audio field. In 1985, Eminent Technology began developing planar magnetic loudspeakers and in 1987 introduced the worlds first full range push-pull planar magnetic loudspeaker. Since then, Eminent Technology has continued to advance its loudspeaker technology and has introduced a number of new models including the first planar magnetic computer multimedia speaker. The Monsoon flat panel computer multimedia speakers were based on Eminent Technology patents. Ribbon speakers are well known for their airy sound properties that are similar to wide soundstage hall like sound. Also, ribbon speakers provide very little discoloration  in the sound reproduced. That is...the sound is as close as natural.

LFT-8B Floorstand Speakers Sound Anchor Stands for LFT-8B
LFT-16A Bookshelf Speakers Eminent Stands for LFT-16A
LFT-12 Center Speaker TRW-17 Subwoofer
ET-2.5 Tonearm (Discontinued)  
Eminent Technology LFT-8B Floorstand Speakers
 Sound Anchor Stands for Eminent Technology LFT-8B Floorstand Speakers
Eminent Technology LFT-16A Bookshelf Speakers with Eminent Stands
Eminent Technology LFT-12 Center Speaker
Eminent Technology TRW-17 Subwoofer
Eminent Technology ET-2.5 Tonearm




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