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Our company Hifi Inn Audio has been established since 2002 in Singapore. We specialise in new and used hifi equipment as well as related products. We have sold many hifi equipment products in Singapore and Malaysia. We also ship our products worldwide. Currently we have 2 outlets in Singapore - Roxy Square and Adelphi. These 2 places are the hifi hubs of Singapore. By providing quality service, we make listening to music relaxing, fun and enjoyable.

Upon purchase, we provide free transportation delivery services to customers within Singapore. Some customers do not have their own transportation after purchasing our products so part of our service, we do the delivery for them.  For overseas customers, by using our company's export account, the customers get to enjoy discounted transportation rates.

Should there be a hifi breakdown, we have a repair workshop in one of our hifi outlets, located in Roxy Square. Quality audiophile servicing and repairs are provided there. The technician is skilled and has repaired many high end hifi equipment like Jadis, Gryphon, Sonic Frontier, Audio Research, Manley, McIntosh, etc. Other hifi dealers have also brought their hifi to him for repairs.

We also do hifi refurnishing. Any wood hifi with scratches or tattered speaker cover cloths can be sent to us for restoration. Our carpenter has an experience of around 40 years in carpentry. He has refurnished many speakers like Goodmans, B&W, Acoustic Research, KEF, Magneplaner, etc.

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Listeninn Audio@The Adelphi - Hifi Hub of Singapore - Opposite Funan Centre the IT Mall

No.1, Coleman Street, #04-17, The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803

Tel: (+65) 6336 0261   

Operating Hours:
Mon to Fri 3pm-8pm , Sat 3pm-7pm, Sun 3pm-6pm

Public Transport:
Bus 51, 61, 63, 80, 103, 124, 145, 166, 174, 197,
603, 851, 961, 162M, 174M, 181M, SN20, 961C.
Nearest MRT, City Hall MRT Station

You can park in Adelphi directly or Funan Centre IT Mall

See Below for Road Map

Listeninn Audio Showroom@The Adelphi
Road Map to The Adelphi

Listeninn Audio@Roxy Square
- The 2nd Hifi Hub - Opposite Parkway Parade


50, East Coast Road, #01-26, Roxy Square,
Singapore 428769

Tel(+65) 6440 9636   

Operating Hours:
Mon to Sat 2pm-7pm , Sun 2pm-6pm , Tue Closed

Public Transport:
Bus 10, 12, 14, 15, 31, 32, 36, 40,
76, 135, 196, 197, 608, 853C

Plenty of parking areas around Roxy Square

See Below for Road Map
Listeninn Audio Showroom@Roxy Square

Road Map to Roxy Square

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