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Our company Hifi Inn Audio has been established since 2002 in Singapore. We buy and sell, new and used hifi equipment as well as related products. We have sold many hifi equipment products in Singapore and Malaysia. We also ship our products worldwide. Currently we have 2 outlets in Singapore - Roxy Square and Adelphi. These 2 places are the hifi hubs of Singapore. By providing quality service, we make listening to music relaxing, fun and enjoyable. 

1) Our New Shipment of Eminent Technology and Coda Technologies have arrived! Available at Roxy Square branch.
2) We are pleased to inform you that now we also carry a full range of Elekit products. Further details coming soon.

New Arrivals - Updated On 21 Jun 2018
Rogers LS5/9

  Klipsch Heresy

  Tannoy Chertsey SL45

  Theta DS Pro Gen 5
  Rega Brio 3
Integrated Amplifier

Rega Brio R
Integrated Amplifier

  Jadis Orchestra Black
Integrated Amplifier

  Celestion SL600

  Wilson Audio
Watt Puppy 6
  Threshold Stasis-R 5.0
Pre Amplifier
Unofficial New Arrivals
Latest Customer's Hifi Setup In Gallery
Eminent Technology
Coda Technologies

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