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Edwards Audio C2 P2

Description :

The all new Edwards Audio C2 and P2 pre-power amplifier have been developed from out popular IA2 and IA3 integrated amplifiers. The C2 has a newly designed low noise power supply section based around a custom wound 100VA toroide ,the circuit topology is borrowed from the IA3 with the same FET input op-amps and an Alps Blue volume control. The input options are the same as the IA2 with 4 x LINE one of which is via a 3.5mm stereo jack for easy connection to portable devices, plus it has an MM input RIAA circuit for use with Turntables as standard. There is also an OPTO coupled mute link for connection to the P2 such that when the pre-amp is muted the power amp is as well. 

The P2 is essentially the power amp section from the 
IA2 but without all the pre-amp supplies. It uses a Bi-Polar output stage with thermal compensation and is based around a custom wound 250VA toroide transformer and produces a healthy 65W into 8 Ohms. There is an 0V mute link connection which enables the P2 to be muted using the C2’s mute function. The P2 can be used with the C2 pre-amp to build a pre-power amp combination of exceptional sound quality for the cost, or it can be added to the IA2-R to create a bi-amped setup. 

It makes an ideal partner with our 
SP2 floorstanding loudspeakers and TT2 turntable when plugged directly into the internal custom designed RIAA MM input board. This makes for a very well balanced and musical system who’s performance belies it’s modest price tag.

Specifications :

Output into 8 Ohms/4 Ohms both channels driven 65W /100W
Power bandwidith +/-1.5dB 20-20kHz
HF Distortion  0.1%@ 20kHz@ 1W
Signal to noise ratio Ref 1W–A Wtd -83dB
RIAA Card (OPTION) gain 40dB 47K with 120pF
Stereo separation better than 66dB – 20-20kHz
Input Loading – Line level 27K
Dynamic Range 110dB
Output impedance <0.1 Ohms
Max output level burst 5mSec 1kHz one channel 110W into 8 Ohms
Dimensions WxHxL 240 mm x 87.5mm x 325mm ( excludes knobs)
Weight packed / unpacked 4kg/3kg
Power consumption (idle) 40W

Miscellaneous :  

Made in UK
Warranty Period 1 Year
Retail Price SGD2428

Product information :


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