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Gryphon DM100

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Description :
The Gryphon DM 100 is introduced in 1991 to 1995. It is the predecessor of the Antileon and the current Antileon II. It has a pure Class A power amplifier with 100 Watts per channel in Dual mono configuration. The Gryphon Antileon Dual Mono power amplifier establishes itself immediately in high end circles as one of the most acclaimed amplifiers ever. It is powerful, unaffected by speaker load - with it's ability to cruise effortlessly through the most demanding musical passages regardless of volume level. As a result of the constant high power reserves available at all times, the amplifier simply does not "see" the speaker, so the speaker's reactive load cannot degrade amplifier performance.

Features :
- Dual mono configuration
- 100 Watts Pure Class A
- Programmable bias
- Custom made 1200 Watts transformer for each channel
- DC coupling
- Independent, regulated power supplies with RF and HF noise filtering
- Select premium-grade components
- Non-magnetic chassis
- Comprehensive, non-invasive protection circuitry
- No output relays
- Non-resonant, mechanically grounded chassis
- Modular design

Miscellaneous :
Made in...........................................Denmark
Condition.........................................9 / 10 (Good condition)

Reviews :


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