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Posted on 18 February 2009
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Manufacturer's Profile : Canor Audio

CANOR is a tube specialist, the first one produced was the tube integrated amplifier TP101. The debut of the prototype of this product took place in April 1995 in Brno (Czech Republic). The mission of CANOR is the development and manufacture of high performance audio components but with high value too. All products are subject to listening tests as well as measuring tests. The quality of all the amplifiers is checked by testing with an Audio Precision Portable One Plus Access analogue test device. Previously, the company was called EDGAR. In 1st December 2007, it was renamed as CANOR .

Manufacturer's History and Profile : CODA Technologies Inc

The genesis of CODA Technologies began in March of 1985. Originally incorporated as Continuum Electronics, an independent design and engineering consultancy, the company was founded by Eric Lauchli, B.D. Dale and Lorin Peterson, former members of the R&D and technical support staff of the Threshold Corporation, then an innovative leader in high-performance solid state audio electronics. It's no secret that Coda built electronics for InnerSound and Legacy. Add that the company's formation goes back to the early Threshold days and Nelson Pass(current owner of Passlab) was the owner at that time. In 1989,

Continuum was renamed to the present CODA Technologies, Inc., and began producing its own line of state-of-the-art, reference-quality audio electronics. The first product bearing the CODA badge was the FET Preamplifier 01. This design path culminated in the innovative System 100 and System 200 amplifier systems which utilize separate chassis for voltage gain and current stages providing superior isolation of the sensitive voltage gain circuitry from the harsh environment created by high-current output stages.


Manufacturer's History and Profile : Eminent Technology

For twenty five years, Eminent Technology has created innovative audio products introducing the world's first full-range push-pull planar magnetic speaker, flat panel computer multimedia speaker, and captured air bearing tonearm. Bruce Thigpen, the designer and founder of Eminent Technology has many innovative patents like the worlds first rotary woofer with specifications and performance capability like no other woofer on the market. It can reproduce sound from 0Hz to 20hz and is designed to fill in below the frequency range of existing subwoofers.

Eminent Technology now faces the challenge of convincing the general public and engineers that we can hear below 20Hz and content exist that can be reproduced.Even the connectors on the back of the speakers, designed by Edison Price and called Edison Price Music Post, are manufactured at Eminent. Many companies use the Music Post on their products. These include Brown Electronic Labs, Canary Speaker Systems, Cary Audio Designs, Chapman Sound, Crosby Audio Works, Esoteric Speaker Products, Kaye Audio Labs, Marigo Audio Labs, Merlin Music Systems, QS&D(USA QUAD), Reference Line Audio, Sota Industries and others.

Eminent Technology's LFT(Linear Field Transducers) series speakers have very low distortion, accurate phase response, excellent transient response and transparency rivaled only by electrostatics. Audiophiles have used planar magnetics for over three decades as the reference for sound reproduction. Now we have taken that performance one step further and made our advanced planar magnetic technology affordable.


Manufacturer's Profile :
Koss Corporation is an American company that designs and manufactures headphones.

Founded in 1953 as the J.C. Koss Hospital Television Rental Company by John C. Koss, after a short time Koss was looking for new ideas, and partnered with Martin Lange to eventually develop a stereo headphone. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; in 1991, Koss Audio & Video Electronics started producing and selling consumer electronics products as a separate company in Hazelwood, Missouri, USA. The Koss family owns more than 75% of the firm. Having only a high-school education, John C. Koss worked with Lange, an engineer, to develop the headphone that launched the company almost by accident, as they came upon the headphone idea as a result of an attempt to market a portable phonograph.

In 1991 Michael J. Koss, son of founder John C. Koss, took over as president and chief executive officer. In addition to selling headphones under their own brand, Koss headphones are also rebranded as Radio Shack headphones under license and sold in Radio Shack stores. They will usually have the same drivers as the Koss phones, and these can usually be spotted by the fact that the minijack connector has the Koss logo on it. Radio Shack sells them as Titanium Diaphragm headphones. Some of their more popular products are the Koss Plug and Koss Spark Plug which are noise isolation earphones. Their ability to be adapted to take the high-end Etymotic ear tip (known as the Koss Hybrid), and the popular Koss Porta Pro has contributed to their success. Their budget-priced headphones (the KSC series in particular) are widely regarded as some of the best low-end headphones on the market. As of 1989, all headphones manufactured in North America by KOSS come with a no-questions-asked-lifetime warranty.

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