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Our company Hifi Inn Audio has been established since 2002 in Singapore. We buy and sell, new and used hifi equipment as well as related products. We have sold many hifi equipment products in Singapore and Malaysia. We also ship our products worldwide. Currently we have 2 outlets in Singapore - Roxy Square and Adelphi. These 2 places are the hifi hubs of Singapore. By providing quality service, we make listening to music relaxing, fun and enjoyable. 

                                                                      New Arrivals - Updated On 21 Mar 2014
Our shop in Adelphi has shifted from Adelphi #B1-35 to Adelphi #04-17
Our shop in Roxy Square has expanded another unit at Roxy #01-30 (3 shops to the left from our current location)
Acoustat 2+2

  Accuphase DP-60
Cd Player
  Wilson Audio
Watt Puppy 6
  Krell KSA-100S
  Power Amplifier

  Musical Fidelity P173
Pre Amplifier
Musical Fidelity P270-2
  Power Amplifier

  Morel Bassmaster 602

  Goodmans 150
  Audio Research SP-9
  Pre Amplifier
  Jadis JA80
Power Amplifier

  New arrivals for the month March
  Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 6 Speakers   Morel Bassmaster 602 Speaker  
  Krell KSA-100S Power Amplifier   Musical Fidelity P270-2 Power Amplifier (Reserved)  
  Musical Fidelity P173 Preamplifier (Reserved)   Naim Audio Uniti Cd Player Receiver (All in 1)
  Rotel RT-02 Tuner
  Rotel RCD-1072 Cd Player
  Rotel RA-1062 Integrated Amplifier
  Definitive BP-2006 Speakers
  Pioneer DVR-645H DVD Recorder with 250GB Harddisk   Cinemaquest G-String Interconnects  
  JBL 4350 Speakers   Tannoy Kensington SE Speakers  
  Eminent Technology LFT-6 Speakers   Counterpoint SA-11 Preamplifier  

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